The Nemesis Crown (Campaign Booklet)

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The cover of The Nemesis Crown booklet

The Nemesis Crown booklet is a 36 page booklet that was given away free with White Dwarf 329 in the UK. It was also given away in other countries, but the exact issue numbers are unknown. In contains background, gaming ideas and details on how to take part in the Nemesis Crown Campaign.


The story of the Nemesis Crown

The forging of the Nemesis Crown by Alaric the Mad and how he then hid it in the Howling Hills. An earthquake thousands of years later uncovered the Nemesis Crown and it was stolen by a Night Goblin who then fled with it into the Great Forest.

The Great Forest

This section contains background on the nine different areas of the Great Forest that are being fought over in the Nemesis Crown Campaign.

Why we're fighting

Details on why every Warhammer army is fighting in the campaign. It also contains army ideas for the three main protagonists: Dwarfs, Orcs & Goblins and Empire.

Gaming Ideas

Some ideas on how to theme games to make them more characterful and relavent to the campaign. There are also three scenarios based on events that happened in the campaign.

Signing Up

How to register for the campaign and use the website.

Authors, Artists and Coworkers

The following played an important role in producing the booklet.

  • Writers

Andy Hoare, Guy Haley

  • Design, Layout and Photography

Glenn More

  • Logo Design and Additional Graphics

Markus Trenkner, Alun Davies

  • Editors

Guy Haley, Mark Latham

  • Maps

Nuala Kennedy

  • Artists

Alex Boyd, Paul Dainton, David Gallagher, Nuala Kinrade