Drakwald Forest

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The Drakwald Forest is a large forest in the Empire.[1]

It is confined by the Middle Mountains and the rivers Reik and Talabec.[1]

The trees of the forest are mainly dark and brooding deciuous with some conifers on the hills whilst a few lornalim trees gorw in secluded glades. [1]


From 1106 to 1110 IC the forest is increasingly plagued by creatures of Chaos and Elector Count Vilner is killed in battle, his Runefang is sent to the Emperor until a successor is found. [2a]

Following the assassiation of Count Mandred Skavenslayer of Middenheim, arguments rage about who should succeed results in war between Stirland and Talabecland whilst the settlements in the forest begin to decline or are attacked. [2a]

Count Faulk of Middenland leads an army into the forest in 1265 IC but Beastlord Kartok Great-horn gathers thirty warbands and wipes out the invading army. Kartok himself is later slain by the Doombull Urgorgoth. [2a]

In 1414 IC a peace treaty is formed between Middenland and Nordland which includes an agreement to divide the lands of the Drakenwald. [2a]

As the Great War against Chaos rages many Beastmen attack Middenheim and the siege is not relieved until Ar-Ulric returns with his army in the winter. [2a]

in 2515 IC Graktar, a Bestlord destroys several villages before being defeated at the Battle of Helmgart. His defeat results in a series of challenges and finally he is overcome by Khazrak who then launches his own series of attacks in 2516 and 2517, sacking Arenburg, Immelscheld and Jagerhausen. [2a]

Boris Todbringer personally takes the eye of Khazrak at the Battle of Elsterweld in 2518 IC but the following year, the Beastlord returns the favour when he ambushes the Count and his army near Norderingen. [2a]