The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes

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The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes
Cover of Warband.jpg
Author(s) Dave Allen
Editor(s) Dominic McDowell
Cover Artist Adrian Smith
Illustrator(s) Sam Manley, Scott Purdy, Adrian Smith,
Released 2022
Pages 20

A supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • using this supplement, pg. 3
  • Old Wierde's Incunabulum, pg. 4
  • Chaos Warrior Advancement Templates, pg. 8
  • Seekers of the Liturgus, pg. 10
    • The Mark of Nurgle, pg. 10
  • The Disposition of Bayl's Warband, pg. 11
  • The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes, pg. 12
  • Careful What You Vish For, pg. 15
    • Encounters with the Night Parade, pg. 16
    • A map to Black Pit, pg. 15
    • The Spite Stealers, pg. 15
    • Racing Mancatchers, pg. 15
  • Encounters with Bay's Warband, pg. 16
  • Trait and Talent Summary, pg. 19
  • Jasper has a Bone or Two to Pick, pg. 20


Pillaging bands of Chaos Warriors pose a constant and terrible threat to those living closest to the frozen north. Whilst all these reavers are to be feared, the warriors of Chaos who devote themselves to the Plague God Nurgle are particularly loathsome, for they are not satisfied to merely ravage and kill, but delight in spreading blight and disease in the name of their pestilent deity

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