Brine Wife

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The Brine Wife

The Brine Wife is a former Witch and a Syreen on the Vampire Coast. [1a]

She lures ships to her island through her siren song, gifting them and their crew to Luthor, whilst she retains part of any treasure they might hold. [1a]


During the Time of Three Emperors, the Witch Keterlyn fled Ostland which she had been terrorising, using a spell to force a captain to take her to Lustria which she had seen in her dreams. [1a]

Arriving, she slaughtered the entire crew afor safe passage through the Sargassum and was brought before Luthor Harkon himself. She swore to serve him but he paralysed her with his mere gaze and had her drowned to become a Syreen. [1a]

However, Keterlyn retained much more of her identity than her new kin and also her magical power. She escaped and began to wage war on the Vampire Lord and his minions until Harkon finally offered her an alliance - she would bring him ships and sailors and he would not seek to enslave her. [1a]

She was given as her domain a island of Cape Ruin but he also created a Count to rule the mouth of the river Xingo which included her island. She killed the count and his successors until Luthor granted her the rulership of the area. [1a]


Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 4th Edition: Mirror of Scrying. [1a]


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