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The Longshanks are an ancient Order dedicated to Taal and Rhya. [1a]

Members of the Order swear an oath never to stay in one place for more than a week but roam the empire protecting shrines, seatching for the taint of Chaos, Greenskin threats and opposing any depletion of river and land. [1a]


Most worship Taal above Rhya, but some, especially in the north worship Ryha as Haleth the Huntress.[1a]


The Order is claimed to be order than the Empire itself. [1a]

Storm of Chaos

During the conflict, they carried out many guerrila riads on the hordes as they advanced across the Empire, later acting as scouts and outriders for the army of the Emperor. [1a]


Recruited as youths from farms and villages, the training is arduous and long and a probationer may not even see a settlement for months or even years at a time! [1a]

Longshanks are usually loners or travel at most in small groups or two or three. [1a]

Every seven years they gather at Talabheim to renew thier vows and honour their patron gods. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

They are normally armed and effective with both Bow and Sword. [1a]