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Nippon is a land in the Far East. [2a]

It is a vast land and a weak Emperor has led to the warrior class - the Samurai taking control, exchanging protection for taxes and the right to gather militia as they war against each other. As the Samurai focused on their marital abilities they have grown ever stronger, requiring each settlement to have more and more Samurai defenders. [2a]

There are many orders of Warrior Monks who begin their training at an early age and dedicate themselves to their martial arts, philosophy and theology. Highly trained assassins known as Ninja prey on the unwary, slaying without mercy. [2a]



Nippon trades with the city Marienburg where it has both an recently established embassy [3d] and its own district, Nipponsstad whose inhabitants often work for the Sea Elves of the city.[3b]

Karl den Euwe, a member of the Directorate and married to a noblewoman from Nippon is the principal trader and his house has even adopted the Nipponese symbol for prosperity as its symbol. [3a] The High Elves of Clan Lianllach also trade extensively with the islands.[3c]

What the Empire knows

Located somewhere off the coast of the mainland of the Far East, Nippon is said to be a powerful feudal kingdom, where knights, resplendent in brightly coloured armour made of lacquered wood, enforce a complex and rigid class system. Said to be intensely distrustful of outsiders, they only permit foreigners to travel in their lands rarely. Little else is known about Nippon, though doubtless if the rest of the world is anything to go by, it will be populated by its own unique and deadly monsters and perils.[1]



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