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An Arabyan Magician with his summoned Djinn.

Magicians were powerful magic users native to the blistering deserts of Araby.


Magicians are the great sorcerers of Araby - mystics of the southern deserts and court magicians of the Sultans themselves. They might ride flying carpets - aerial spirits bound into the spiralling patterns of carpets. Their ability to bind desert daemons to their will enables Arabyan wizards to command Djinns to carry them from place to place.


  • "Sand Storm" - The sorcerer commands the desert spirits to engulf his foes in a swirling cloud of choking sand and dust.
  • "Mirage" - The sorcerer creates the illusion of a huge host of fearsome warriors, bearing down inexorably upon his startled foes.
  • "Sunstrike" - Bright beams of burning energy leap from the sorcerer's eyes and scythe through all before him.
  • "Curse of the Djinn" - The sorcerer channels the immense power of the Djinn through his own body and lays a terrible curse upon his foe