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The Directorate is the Executive Council of the Stadsraad, the Wasteland's and Marienburg's parliament. [1a]

Since the death of the last Baron of Westerland, the region has had no ruling nobility no royalty: no kings, no princes, no dukes to govern them, but power resides rather in the Directorate. [1a]

It meets each week to make all major decisions affecting the Wasteland's affairs using majority voting - the Staadtholder deciding any ties. [1a]

Membership of the Council


Each year one of the Directorate is elected the Staadtholder, who acts as regent until a true heir to the House of van de Maacht can be found. No heir has ever been found and the Directorate is very careful that no one can meet the conditions to qualify. Although the holder of the office sets the agenda and chairs the meetings, the role is strictly ceremonial. [1a]

His main duty is to receive foreign ambassadors and represent the Wasteland at state functions, including the ceremony that officially opens the year's trading season. Other honorary positions include being commander of the Wasteland's military which has nominal authority over the militia, the City and River Watches, the Excise Service and the city's mercenaries. They are also made a priest of both Haendryk and Manaan. [1a]

Lastly the Steward of the Palace who is head of Marienburg's intelligence service, the Fog Walkers also reports to him or her. [1a]


Following the Battle of Reavers' Point in 2378 IC, the Ten have the right to maintain a private militia. [1b]


Of course they should be Directors! Their very success shows they have Haendryk's favour. What's good for them is good for Marienburg

~ A priest of Haendryk answering a student radical.[1]


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