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"If the battlements are carried, throw all your strength there. Such an advantage is allways darely won."

+++ Albrecht of Tisenbreck: «The Art of Siege» +++ [1]

"They're out of arrows men, they're out of boiling oil. They've used the molten lead, and the baked sand and the furniture. They've nothing left to defend themselves with! So, up, my lads, and today Faenasti will be ours!"

+++ Count Rudolf von Alptraum at the siege of Faenasti in the Border Princes during the War of the Barrel 2319-20. The Count was killed, when the defenders of Faenasti levered part of the wall onto his head. +++ [1]

"If you build walls under the castle to keep out the mines; and walls above the castle to keep out the giants and flying creatures, then you might have a safe castle. Exept for Magic. And running out of food."

+++ Anon +++ [1]

"It's my devine right to rule and to do as I please."

+++ Anon - Imperial noble +++ [2]


"Walls can't dodge!"

+++ Siege Engineer Uwe Diamondscar
at the siege of the goblin fort of «Three Pikes» +++ [1]


"In order the most vunerable parts of a castle's defence are the gate, the walls and the towers. Therefor the greatest efford should be made to pierce the gate, unless it is stoutly defended by towers and outworks. If this is not possible, then the walls must be carried, breached or mined at which ever point is least well guarded by towers and interrior fortifications. Never attack the towers. If no other assault is possible, then settle for starving out the most vunerable resource a fortress has - its defenders."

+++ Speech of Hasso, Emperor, before the attack on Streissen +++ [1]


"And thus I command Thy Soul to the eternal grace of Sigmar Divine. Few, if any, have done more for this illustrious Empire the Lord Sigmar entrusted to us, and it is indeed a united Realm that mourn Thy Depature. Fare well, Magnus, most pious of Servants."

+++ Excerpt of the mourning for Emperor Magnus the Pious,
made by Grand Theogonist Kazgar XIV +++


"Remember, when you build a wall to shelter behind, you are also building a trap. If the wall is strong, and flanked by towers, the enemies will be trapped. But if the wall is carried, then the other walls will hem in your defenders, and leave them ripe for massacre."

+++ Magnus the Pious (attributed) +++ [1]

"Accept your medals, but know this... the true heroes lie still in the marshes of that accursed place."

+++ Prince Martin von Krystallbach, Elector Count of Stirland after the Victory at Hel Fenn. +++ [4]

"A good pair of scales, and a strong set of teeth. Thats all you need to spot a light coin. "

+++ Anonymous merchant +++ [2]

Take their word, take their women, take their horses, their goods, their food. Just leave their land and money.

+++ Speech of merchants from the western Old World on trade with Kislevites +++ [2]


"We stood with the Dwarfs as one that day. It was an unspoken code of honour that would not go forgotten"

+++ The elderly Chief Ragni of the Jeutones remembers the Battle of Blackfire Pass +++ [4]

"He'd have to be one hell of a shot to get me from -"

+++ Last words of Duke Reinhand of Carroburg +++ [1]


"What I like best about a siege is that there is nowhere for them to run..."

+++ Witch-hunter Zacharia Schmundt +++ [1]

"It was at that time, when the battle was surely lost, that he stepped to the front and defiantly raised the Standard of Ostland. From that moment, the day was ours."

+++ From The Chronicles of Captain Schweisteigger by Christophe von Peache +++ [4]


"The softest part of a castle is the belly of the man inside."

+++ Unknown origin +++ [1]


"The gods have seen fit to populate the Old World with all manner of foul monsters. They've also seen fit to grant me with a keen eye and a strong bow to hunt them with."

+++ Markus Wulfhart, Huntsmarshal of the Empire +++ [3]