White Dwarf 319 (UK)

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White Dwarf 319
White Dwarf 319 cover.jpg
Released July 2006
Preceded by White Dwarf 318
Followed by White Dwarf 320


  • News: The Battle for Skull Pass draws near, pg. 14
  • Standard Bearer: You can just collect models, says Jervis. pg. 40
  • Gotrek and Felix: The popular Black Library characters have got a bunch of new models. pg. 42
  • Tactica: Wood Elves: The Lord of the Rings Elven hosts. pg. 52
  • Citadel Toolbox: Modelling razor wire, pg. 57
  • Beastmen: They're in the trees! They're coming! pg. 58
  • Eavy Metal: Wood Elves: New Warhammer Wood Elf Lords, pg. 66
  • Modelling Workshop: Spider Queen's Lair: Building fully modelled scenario boards, pg. 70
  • Modelling Workshop: Eldar Grav Platform Heavy support for Guardian Squads, pg. 74
  • Modelling Workshop: Tau Stealth Suits: Deadly Tau infiltrators, pg. 78
  • Golden Demon 2006 Categories: A guide to the premier painting event, pg. 82
  • Arming for Medusa part 2: The UK WD team get ready for Medusa, pg. 87
  • Frontline, pg. 93
  • Ordering Direct, pg. 98


Upon the world of Medusa V, a billion souls look to the skies with fear in their hearts. This month marks the moment when the first tendrils of the warp storm unleashed by Van Grothe's Rapidity snake out and touch the world of Medusa V. The entire system is at risk, yet it is the most populated, most strategically valuable planet which stands directly in the storm's path. As frantic civilians scramble to abandon their home, the dread legions of a dozen different galactic powers descend upon the planet in order to fulfil their own nefarious goals. Goals which you can help them acheive! The call to arms is out. Muster your armies, get down to your local Hobby Centre and join in the battle! Medusa V is going to die, yet victory can be snatched from the jaws of the storm by the bravest and most resourceful commanders. That means you. Turn to page 19 for details on how to register and take part in this world-wide campaign event. Also this month is the release of some brilliant new Citadel Miniatures representing the renowned heroes Gotrek and Felix, as well as some of their companions. These models have been specially crafted for display, and are amongst the most dynamic I have yet seen. Even Gotrek would be impressed, and not much impresses him.

~ Grombrindal

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