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The haunting specters called Bloodcursed by mortals are the maddened remains of humanoids who have deeply offended Khorne. [1b]

A form of ghost, these tortured beings were flayed by the Chaos God’s anger until they were nothing but blood and bone, their spirits bound by the torment to their own blood. Vaguely humanoid figures that seem to be composed of red mist, their faces can still be made out, twisted into malevolent snarls. To get close enough to see that, however, means dodging the whipping blood tentacles they cast out.[1b]

These insane beings were known in the years after the Storm of Chaos to inhabit the burial mound of Khornate champion Kazron Gorespite, who died fighting alongside Asavar Kul against Magnus the Pious in the Great War Against Chaos. It is likely they are drawn to that tomb deep in the Drakwald by the presence of the powerful Chaos daemon Xathrodox the Red Flayer imprisoned within the artifact known as the Brass Skull, which was buried alongside its owner by Gorespite’s devoted warband.[1a]

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