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Pavona is a small city and principality situated in inland Tilea.

Pavona and the neighboring Tilean city of Trantio to the north are often at each other's throats, their intense rivalry often seeming to others to be a fatal weakness. However, as soon as a hostile army from any other city appears on the scene, the two cities promptly forget their quarrels and join forces to beat up their common enemy. In this way Luccini, Verezzo and Miragliano have all experienced humiliating defeats in the hills around Trantio or Pavona.

The city of Pavona itself remains small in comparison to other Tilean cities. The city is noted for its many bridges which are not over rivers, or canals, but high above the narrow streets, enabling the nobility to go from one house or palazzo to another, without having to descend into the bustle of the streets below.


Today Pavona is ruled by the widow of at least the last seven Dukes, who all were poisoned or assassinated under one or another mysterious circumstances. The widowed Lucrezzia Belladonna is looking for a new husband and so-called ruler for Pavona. Her sister Dolchellata was the wife of Borgio the Besieger, who was allied with Pavona.


Pavona quickly rose to become a serious rival to Trantio for the eastern trade into the Dwarf realms, Border Princes and beyond. So intense was this rivalry that the territory between the two cities became a famous stomping ground for mercenary generals. Not only were there many wars, but also many attempts at reconciliation. This led to the princely families becoming entwined through a succession of marriage alliances. The pacts were often short lived, with the marriages ending in poisoning or some other form of assassination.


The Skaven Clan Skaar has its stronghold beneath the city. [2a]

Subsidary Settlements


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