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Trantio is a city-state and principality of Tilea. [1a]


Dwarf workmanship and skill travels westwards along old trade routes through Trantio into Tilea and the west. This shows its influence in the quality and ambition of the buildings, raised using many Dwarf techniques of construction. The fortifications, gatehouses and towers are particularly massive. Vast quantities of marble were brought down from quarries in the Apuccini mountains as well as the exotic pink-veined Trantine for which the city is famous. This stone was used for Grottio's huge sculpture 'The Five Graces' which adorns the piazza in Verezzo.


In the early 2500s IC, it is ruled by the Merchant Prince Ettore Rinaldo. [1a]


Many centuries ago it was not very powerful at all. Situated inland in a hilly area, it was a bit of a backwater and did not prosper greatly from trade. It was one of the first cities in Tilea to overthrow its Prince and become a republic. This republic lasted a long time, but eventually became decadent. However, all attempts to capture the city by mercenary armies from Remas and Miragliano were thwarted by the republic suddenly changing sides at the right moment. Trantio became notorious for playing off rivals against each other in order to keep its independence.

This all changed when Marco Colombo returned from Lustria with enormous wealth. Taking over the mercenary army of his patron, Orlando, exiled Prince of Trantio, he succeeded in capturing the city and becoming its Prince.

Marco was an exemplary Prince and was clever enough to keep his gains and establish his family securely as Merchant Princes in Trantio. The city soon began to prosper from trade and exploited its position to trade westwards across the sea and eastwards over the mountains. Thus Trantio has become one of the most cultured and beautiful of all Tilean cities.

End Times

As the End Times began, it was engulfed by perfumed murk and when it abated, no two stones lay together and the souls of its inhabitants had been taken to serve Slaanesh. [2a]

Subsidary Settlements

  • Ducieso: A very large town whose Prince is a gifted Astromancer. [1a]
  • Terramorta: Farming village. [1a]
  • Torrico: Large olive farming village raided by Hobgoblins in the early 2500s IC. [1a]
  • Varenna: Large sheep farming village. [1a]
  • Viccia: Sheep farming village. [1a]
The city-states of Tilea
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