Karak Izor

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Karak Izor or the Copper Mountain is a powerful Dwarf hold that lies beneath the Vaults. [1]

Situated deep beneath the Vaults mountain range, Karak Izor was the first and remains the largest hold outside the World's Edge Mountains, its population swelled by refugees from the fallen holds in the Dragonback Mountains. Many dwarves in the Vaults and even beyond, look to the king and queen of the Karak for guidance and protection. An extensive building programme has begun on a new Underway to link the various holds of the Vaults and provide safe trade between them. [1a]

The settlement has seen little conflict as it is remote but still maintains extensive and powerful defences as well as artillery and gyrocopter squadrons. Some small human settlements such as Hochstadt farm sheltered valleys, watched over by the dwarves. [1a]

Karak Izor had a population of about 20,000 adult dwarves in 2510 IC. [1b]


War of the Beard

King Morgrim led the throng of the hold as part of his mighty army of vengeance against the High Elves, first marching on and sacking Athel Maraya before moving on to Tor Alessi. [4a]

End Times

During the End Times Karak Izor was struck by one of the chaotic Storms of Magic, and the dwarfs were attacked by hordes of daemons. At that moment, when the dwarfs prepared for the last stand, realising that they could not survive and wanting to sell their lives dearly, the storm completely and unexpectedly ended and the hordes of daemons vanished back into the Realm of Chaos. For a long time, not believing that the danger had disappeared, the dwarfs stood, not daring to remove the shieldwalls and unsure if they could bury their dead.[3a]


Subsidiary Settlements

  • Grung Agriletaz: A mining outpost with about 80 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Grung Byrn: A mining outpost with about 52 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Grung Skree: A small mining outpost with about 20 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Hochstadt: A small human farming village with about 180 adult human’s resident. [1b]
  • Khazid Algilkarag: A small settlement housing about 92 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Khazid Nekewukaz: A small settlement housing about 75 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Khazid Wyrvarn: A settlement housing about 230 adult dwarves. [1b]
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