Grey Mountains

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The Grey Mountains are located to the west (left). This map only shows some features.

The Grey Mountains are a large and high mountain chain located between Bretonnia and The Empire, belonging de facto to neither realm. [4a] Forming a natural buffer zone between the two countries, the Grey Mountains are a natural hideout for brigands, mutants, necromancers and tribes of Orcs and Goblins.

Beginning in the hilly Gisoreux Gap, which separate the Grey Mountains from the Pale Sisters, the mountains quickly rise in height in their way southwards converging in the Vaults.

The Grey Mountains have relatively poor mineral deposits and this lack of riches discourages a major Dwarf colonization. The local Dwarf settlements are few and, compared to other Dwarf strongholds, small and rustic. The local Grey Dwarfs, as they are called, are rather poor and simple in their tastes and likely to leave their homes in search of adventures and riches. The largest and most important Dwarf stronghold of the Grey Mountains is Karak Norn [1][2].


In 2136 IC plague caused the mercenary's manning Fort Bergbres at the Imperial end of the Gisoreux Gap to demand higher pay from their employer, Countess Bergbrech who in turn targeted Bretonnian merchants to recover her costs. In retaliation, Sir Desfleuve countered by charging imperial merchants travelling the other way! [17] For several years the pattern continued, even after the plague had faded away with the two nobles imposing ever more ludicrous charges and exchanging insults. Finally in 2141 IC, the two garrisons marched forth to do battle, their patrons at the head of each force leading to the Battle of Gisoreux Gap. In the aftermath, the heirs of both nobles quietly agreed to review the tolls. [17]


Known features (north to south):

  • The hilly uplands of the Gisoreux Gap: the main trade route between Bretonnia and The Empire, also used by invading armies.[3a][4]
  • The Temple of Three Peaks[5]
  • the Crooked Corridor: The fortress of Blackstone Tower[7] guards the imperial end of this pass, used by those unwilling to pay the tolls of Axe Bite Pass. [8]
  • Axe Bite Pass: Main trade route south of the Gisoreux Gap; the imperial end of the pass is protected by the fortress of Helmgart, while the Bretonnian end is guarded by the Castle of Montfort.[3a][4][9a]
  • Helspire: Fortress guarded by an army of Liches.[9b]
  • Castle Drachenfels: Ruined fortress of Constant DrachenfelsNeeds Citation
  • The Mound of Krell: former final resting place of Krell, a ferocious Chaos champion[10a]
  • the ruined Blood Keep: rumoured to harbour a considerable faction of the Blood Dragons, a Vampire bloodline[11]
  • The Chasm Glade of Beithir Seun, Eomain Tarn, Eyrie of the Hawk Lords, Cáder Donann, and Sceolath-mor Ridge are all east of Athel Loren and nominally controlled by the Wood Elves.[12]
  • Karak Norn: A Dwarf stronghold[1]
  • the Mondidier Pass: connects The Empire with Bretonnia; nominal border between the Grey Mountains and the Vaults.Needs Citation
  • La Maisontaal Abbey: An abbey of monks who worship Taal, god of Nature and Wild Places. Located on the Bretonnian side of the Grey Mountains[3b][13], its precise location is unclear. It was recently sacked by Heinrich Kemmler and Grey Seer Gnawdoom[10b][14]
  • Gristle Valley: An Ogre stronghold frequented by several Ogre tribes. Its precise location is unknown.[15]

The springs of several rivers are located in the Grey Mountains:

  • Several of these streams flow downwards into the East and join the river Reik.Needs Citation
  • Other streams flow downwards into the West and join the river Grismerie[16]


The Gisoreux Gap, being is a valuable trade route and is heavily guarded, enabling the nobles at either end to levy heavy tolls on those passing through.[17]



While most maps of the Old World show the Grey Mountains, no map shows all features.