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Fan of the Warhammer world for several decades, especially the vampires as depicted in such novels as Drachenfels and Neferata (novel).

I do write a bit of Warhammer fantasy fan fiction on the side, love the old World but also exploring the Age of Sigmar world/s, enjoing it more now that GW are expanding on the background as the game develops.

I dabble in fan fiction, usually involving vampires.....

A sample (and favourite) character from:

A Bloody Road on the Fan Fiction website

Sabina Hafna, Age 37, 5' 7", Hair: Brown, Eyes; Brown, Family: Father (deceased) Kurt Hafna, Mother (deceased): Elsa Hafna, Surviving siblings 2 Sisters: Marta Ulso (married to a textiles merchant in Talabheim), Elsa Talbrich (married to a minor noble in Krugenheim),

Sabina was born to a old Talabecland family with noble blood but little else of material wealth in the river port town of Krugenheim. Her father, who had served with distinction in the armies of the Elector Count had hoped for a boy child but the death of Elsa in bearing Sabina put paid to these ambitions.

Her father managed to find appropriate marriages for his older daughters, with their dowries using up the majority of the remaining coin he had. Kurt indulged both himself and his younger daughter in allowing her to practice the arts of war more than the finer arts that women of her status were increasingly expected to be accomplished in, inadvertently making her marriage prospects even less appealing.

To her fathers distress (but not surprise) and her irritation, she was unable to gain access to any of the Templar orders that can be found in the capital and the small standing army the Grand Duchy maintains has no use for a woman in its ranks.

She managed to forge a temporary place amongst the more adventurous of her peers but this was always fragile and depended on them enjoying her very "uniqueness" as little more than a exotic amusement.

On the death of her father a year ago, her last support mechanism was removed, as his debts become payable, using up all of their remaining assets including her family home. Her sisters were vaguely sympathetic to her plight but neither were keen on an unattached young woman lodging with them for any length of time.

Sabina decided to try and forge a life as a sword for hire but the first mercenary captain she offered her service to explained bluntly that he would be damned if he needed some spoilt bitch in search of adventure disrupting his company Frankly getting a little desperate, she offered to help with the escort of goods to a trading post of her brother in laws in Kreuzdorf, her mothers home village.

She has spent several months trying to forge some kind of life and worth, heavily conscious that her relations good will not last for too much longer. The villagers of Kreuzdorf were still not quite sure what to make of her, her mother - also the daughter of a cloth merchant, was from a respected family and was admired for catching the eye of a Noble.

Her mothers family - the Zutrans were still merchants trading with Sabine's brother in law Heinrich, but whilst friendly and polite were also loath to take on supporting an errant daughter with strange ideas and ambitions.

She fell in with a group of adventuerers that would eventually lead her to Altdorf and a transfromation onto a vampire. A magical ritual saw her transported to the jungles of Lustria where they had a fateful encounter with a Slann and a Black Dragon imprisoned by Skaven. Returning to the Old World she helped kill the dragon in the ice wilderness of Kislev before strking out on her own.

Nature: As a human Sabina was normally outgoing and friendly, having learnt to keep a leash on her tongue to refrain from sharp remarks or put downs. Since transforming into a Vampire she sees the world much more starkly and is beginning to divide people into several category's: Fellow Predators/Allies, Threats, Friends and Allies and finally merely Prey. IN her own mind she still retains her allegiance to the Empire and wonders about its gods at present but is conscious that humanity may no loner accept her - unless it has no choice.