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Tree KinNeeds Citation

Tree Kin (also spelled Tree-kinNeeds Citation) are ancient Forest Spirits of Athel Loren which have animated dead trees.[1a][2]


Although they can take physical form they normally appear as small spheres of light.[1a]

When war comes to the forest, they can enter the husks of dead trees and meld them with fallen branches to create a powerful battle-form. Only when the threat is ended will they leave the shell to collapse back to lifelessness.[1a]

Standing well over eight feet tall, they are humanoid with gnarled and twisted limbs. They often remain motionless for weeks on end until ready to strike.[1a][2]

When the Wild hunt rides through the lands of men, Tree Kin are drawn to join it and it can seem like the forest has come to hungry life. When they abandon their material forms, a small wood of dead trees will be created which few will venture near.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Branchlike Limbs. May be led by a Tree Kin Elder.[1b]

Warhammer Online

Tree Kin can be found in several regions, including Eataine and the Shadowlands.Needs Citation



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