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New Bechafen is a port-town and the capital of the Vampire Coast in Lustria. [1a]

The undead inhabitants call it Speisekammer - the Larder. [1b]

It is built on the banks of the Qrvesa River and acts as both the capital of the lands ruled by Luthor Harkon and an emergency food supply for the Vampire Lord and his court. [1a][1b]


New Bechafen was founded by Luthor Harkon around 1500 IC. [1b]


  • Gravesend Inn: The best of the taverns in the town, populated by mortals in the day and undead at night. Hunting the living is forbidden within the Inn. [1d]
  • Temple of Harkon: Constructed on a artifical mount, it resembles a temple of Morr but with ebony doors which present carvings of the dead. Within is a huge blood-stained silver altar before a statue of Luthor as a god. The mound below is the home of Wraiths and Tomb Banshee's. [1c]



In the early 2500s IC about 2,500 living people lived in the town, mostly humans together with a larger number of Undead. Those captives not killed are brought to live there maintaining the docks, markets, tavens, town hall and even the single Temple. [1b]


If there is a city of Men more horrifying, more sad, I do not know it

~ A ship's captain from Tobaro. [1b]


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