Xavier Esteban de Souza

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Xavier Esteban de Souza was a human swordsman from Estalia who was enslaved by the skaven.[1a]


He was short, dark haired and lean with tight muscles.[1a]


He was a swordsman as his father and grandfather had been before him.[1a]

Xavier had been guarding a caravan when it was attacked by skaven, and as he responded to the alarm he and the others were overcome by gas.[1a]

He was taken to become a slave in a warpstone mine, there after a month he met Adora, the slave-pet of the overseer Skitteka he had a brief sexual relationship with her.[1a]

Despite her telling him to wait, Xavier accompanied her to her master’s lair, taking advantage of the distracted guards and finding Skitteka had devoured warpstone and a underling and was unconscious. He decided to kill him, Adora pleaded with Xavier not to as the slumbering skaven was still needed and when he refused to listen, killed him. She cried for a short time and then composed herself to await her masters awakening.[1a]


Vengeance comes to those who wait

~Xavier to Adora.[1a]


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