Porto Real

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Porto Real is a small island colony and merchant port of Estalia. [1a]

The town faces the sea and its buildings are a mix of lime wash and clay brick, in the Estalian manner with lanes running up to the small fort of the garrison fort nestling at the base of lush green hills. The harbour is guarded by several redoubts on the headland with batteries of culverins and firebaskets. On the quayside are numerous banners proclaiming its allegiance to the Estalian Crown. [1a]


The town was hit hard by the actions of the Butcher Ship which drove all ships from the seas, cutting it off from trade for more than six months. [1b]

When the Reivers reached the town during their search for the Butcher Ship, they found that most of the townsfolk suffering from lethargy.[1b] They were invited to stay at the Governors residence but late at night a fight broke out and the Governor and all of his men were killed. [1c]



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