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For the last elected Empress Magritta, see Elector Count of Marienburg.

Magritta is the largest and one of the most important settlements in Estalia. The port city is located on the northern shore of the Southern Sea where the river Tagos flows out in the Bay of Quietude.[1]


Two huge fortresses guard the approach to the port and also serve as beacons to guide its sailors. The city has a powerful navy of galleons but often also hire mercenaries to bolster it, sinking enemy shipping and capturing pirates for public execution in the market place. [5a]

Exploration and Trade

To protect their vital maritime trade, Magritta maintains a strong presence in the Southern Sea, effectively controlling it and aggressively patrolling against pirates and imposing an impromptu levy on trading ships of other nations. This leads to frequent clashes with Tilean vessels but they maintain good relations with Marienburg. [3a]

Vital overland trade is conducted with the Arabyian Caliphates and via the Southlands, Ind and Cathay. [3a]

People from Magritta have established a colony in Lustria, called Santa Magritta.


In 1750 IC Nourgul a Necrarch Vampire Lord invaded and razed the lands between the Southern Sea and the Irrana Mountains, forcing the various princes to combine forces against him. However their combined forces were defeated in three successive battles, forcing the survivors to reteat to Magritta where they were beseiged. The city fell after a three month seige and Nourgul made for the temple of Myrmidia, slaying the priests when they tried to stop him. However on hearing a night piercing scream, the survivors emerged to discover that the undead had collapsed and the vampire mere ashes next to the alter of the goddess. [4a]


The archecclesiarchy of the Cult of Myrmidia is located in Magritta where the principal temple is located. It was in this temple that the Knights of the Blazing Sun were formed. The temple has huge domes and a magnificent series of carvings, friezes and windows tell mythic stories of the goddess. [8a]

  • A Great Temple-Library to Verena is also located in the city. [2a]


  • Knights of the Corona: A sub Order of the Knights of the Blazing Sun, they have their Chapterhouse in the city but operate with certain alterations intended to make them more admirable in the eyes of their host culture.[7a]



The city has a excellent reputation as a friendly port with merchants and traders from across the Old World and beyond. [5a]


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