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Bilbali is a port and city-state in Estalia.[2a]

The second largest settlement in the nation, it controls the north.[2a]


In the 25th century, Bilbali has suffered piracy from its northern rival whose stolen goods it is sure head for the huge markets in Marienburg. Consequently the merchants and ship-captains of Bilbali have are placing increasing pressure on their Queen to do something about it. It is said she is considering either licensing privateers to attack Marienburg's shipping or even allow a direct strike against Brionne. [1a]

Ships from the city have also become increasingly active in the New World, smuggling and raiding near Lustria, risking conflict with the High Elves. [1a]


  • Port: Its shallow bay is the only place on the northern coastline that offers shelter to ships.[2a]
    • Tower: A great tower stands on an island in the bay with a huge bronze bell that rings out during times of trouble or during storms to safely guide sailors home. [2a]


The city has a well armed fleet that has to often fight against pirates. [2a]



Bilbali produces a famous wine. [3a]


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