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Hernan was a Estalian Navy Captain commanding the Fuega. [1a]


A hard-eyed, dark-haired man clad in beautifully crafted half-armour and puffed crimson sleeves, his skin tanned and lined by his many years at sea. [1a]


He studied under the swordmaster, De Poelle. [1b]

Hernam, commanding the Scalabra fought Luka Silvaro in the Straits of the Gorgon but was left aflame with sixty dead. [1a]

Five year later his ship the Fuega was guarding the port and shipbuilding city of Aguilas, forbidden to chase after the Butcher Ship by the Marquis who required them to safeguard his city. [1a]

When Captain Silvaro arrived seeking the Butcher Ship under orders from the Prince of Luccini, he challenged him to a duel but despite his formidable skills was defeated again and agreed to set aside his anger until the Butcher ships was found and sunk. [1b]


You were ambitious, reckless. I like that in a man. It was bravura seamanship. Only the very best could have out-guessed you, and only the very best of them outsailed you too.....But that’s what I am, Captain Hernan....I left you burning, yes, but I could have sunk you to the seabed if I’d had a mind too. I spared you that day, Hernan, because I admired you and your skill.

~ Luka Silvaro.[1b]


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