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Aguilas is the southernnmost port city on the eastern side of Estalia. [1a]

For centuries, the city has been a centre for trade with a good deep harbour, it is also famed for its shipbuilding docks and dry-yards providing many vessels for the Estalian navy. [1a]


The flag of the city is a full-sailed barque and two leaping dolphins. [1a]


The city suffered from the lack of ships sailing and trading when the Butcher Ship roamed the seas and would refit and resupply the Reivers who the Prince of Luccini had tasked with tracking down the daemon vessel and destroying it. [1a][1b]


  • Del Campo: Hills clad in olive groves. [1a]
  • High Old Town: Domain of the grandees of the city, it has quiet narrow streets, whitewashed haciendas and walled gardens with orange trees to scent the air. [1c]
  • Palacio The palace of the Marquis sits atop a volcanic plug, high above the main settlement that climbs up its flanks from the bay and its huge deep harbour. [1a]
  • Sea Walls: Heavily fortified and lined with cannon, they had enabled the city to see off raiders and even sieges by fleets from Araby. [1a]
  • Witchhouse: On the edge of the bay in an old townhouse, a young and beautiful witch tells fortunes. [1c]



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