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Gromril Armour

Armour can make the difference between life and death. [1]

In the Old World, the finest armour is made by the Dwarfs. [1]

Hide armour

This includes primitive armours composed of uncured animal hides mainly used in areas such as Norsca. Some is used for decoration in the northern Empire and Kislev. It is heavy and cumbersome, especially in any wamr area. [2c]

Leather Armour

Mercenaries, hunters and men-at-arms often wear leather as it grants some protection but allows agility and mobility. Full Leather suits consist of a leather jack, leggings and a skullcap but each part can be worn on their own or combined. [2a] The Halflings of the Moot make some of the best leather in the Empire. [2b]

  • Hardened Leather: Jackets of this material are often used by the hunters of Ostland. [1]
  • Studded Leather: Metal spikes or studs are added to the jack or jerkin, in some cases metal rings are added to create what is called brigandine armour. [2b]

Mail Armour

Many professional soldiers seek mail if they can get it, despite the expense compared to leather. [2b] Mail is a woven mess of metal links which is effective against slashing but can be defeated by arrows, daggers and blunt weapons. [2c]

Mail comes in individual components or full suits that protect the entire body, head and limbs and can be worn over a leather suit. [2c]

Plate armour

Plate armour, or full plate armour, is only worn by the Greatswords, Knights and leaders of the Empire. It is the best armour available to humans, although it was in fact crafted by the Dwarfs. [2c]

Human made armour is not as formidable as those made by the Dwarfs but it is highly effective for Imperial Knights. [2d]

Each warrior is responsible for his own armour, and takes pride in its designs and embellishments.

Scale armour

Cheaper than Plate but better in defense than mail, scale armour was first created in the Empire in Nuln and has spread through the other provinces from there. It consists of loops of metal that link metal discs to create the scaled appearance for which it is known. [2c]


A shield is a weapon used in defense, used by almost every race in the Warhammer World. Shields come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Primitive races such as Orcs, Goblins, Beastmen, and Barbarians commonly use shields made of wood wilst Humans, Elves and Dwarfs often use shields made of metal. The Lizardmen use shields which are made of turtle shells and are sometimes enhanced with Bronze.

  • Buckler: Small round shields used to deflect or parrying attacks, they need to be able to endure brutal blows and so are often made of steel. Using one effectively requires skill and agility. [1]

Special Materials

  • Gromril Plate: Only the Dwarfs can forge the ore into metal and can create beautiful and almost impenetrable armour. Entire wars have been fought over a single suit of Gromril armour. [2c]
  • Ithilmar Mail: Durable but incredably light, only the elves can create suits of this magical material. [2c]