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The Fuega was a large Estalian Galleon commanded by Captain Hernan. [1a]

She was a large and heavy ship with forty guns. [1a]


She sailed with the Reivers against the Butcher Ship that had been located in the Golfo Naranja[1b] where it deployed four long launches, filled with marine guards before bombarding it with seven brutal broadsides that each should have crippled the enemy vessel, but did not damage. The Butcher Ship then returned fire and a lucky shot ignited the main magazine, wiping out the Fuega in a massive blast. [1c]


Ah, the times I’ve tangled with old ladies like that! The backbone of the Estalian navy, the scourge of pirate men. Slow and fat, like a dowager duchess, heavy on the turn, but packed full of spite and thunder. Those close gun decks, tight spaced. They can do a wonder of hurt. That’s why men of my inclination switched to smaller, faster craft like the Rumour. Why fight what you can outrun?

~ Luka Silvaro.[1a]


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