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The Reivers are a Pirate company commanded by Captain Luka Silvaro. [1a]

Whilst Guido was in command, he called them the Lightfingers.[1a]


He was captured after a battle with two warships from Luccini and his crew thought he had been executed or at best imprisoned. [1b] However the Prince of the city offered him and his crew amnesty, a thousand Crowns each and a Letter of Marque if he could find and destroy the Butcher Ship attacking all vessels at sea. [1e] He then returned to Sartosa with Sesto Sciortini and reclaimed his ships, taking a hand from Guido. [1b]

Silvaro encountered Muhannad Ru'af whilst searching for the Butcher Ship and although he sought to parley, the Corsair vessels suddenly attacked under the plain red flags signifying no mercy. [1d] However most of the Corsars were weak, undernourished and full of scurvy and so were outmatched by the pirate crews who sank the Tariq and left the Badarra burning and adrift. Ru'ef himself was captured and questioned, revealing that the Butcher Ship had emptied the seas. [1e]

They then discovered the wrecked ship of Reyno Bloodlock, the Sacramento and were confronted by what seemed to be a Daemon on shore. [1f]. They discovered it was in fact the remnant of Captain Bloodlock, cursed by the Butcher Ship who told them that it was commanded by what had been Red Henri, another notorious pirate. [1g]

The company briefly stopped at the Estalian port of Porto Real where initially welcomed to the Governors residence,[1h] they were attacked and forced to destroy him and all his men. [1i]

Having captured the Demiurge and repaired their vessels at Aguilas‎‎, they discovered Guido had stowed away but he survived to become master of the renewed Demiurge. However he sabotaged the Rumour, kidnapped Sciortini and sailed away much to the fury of his brother. [1j]

The Reivers


  • The Demiurge: A large sixty-gun Barque.
  • The Rumour: A two masted twenty-gun, two hundred tonne brigantine, one hundred paces long at the keel. [1c]
  • The Safire: A twelve gun sloop, sixty paces long, often commanded by Guido. [1c]


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