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The Beast Lords of the Beastmen war herds are hairy, musclebound brutes possessed of a raw and savage might.

They carry themselves with swaggering confidence, reveling in their own superiority over lesser beasts. Their thick, hairy skulls are crowned with magnificent sets of horns as sharp and hard as any blade, and their robust and heavily-thewed bodies are covered with scar tissue and crudely rendered tattoos. The threat of violence is implicit in their every gesture. Upon the battlefield a Beast Lord is a force of untold destruction, gouging and butchering with horn, blade and claw.

Wargors are the leaders of the war herds, but they give no regard to the concerns of their tribe. They care not how their underlings are fed or how disputes are settled. The only thing the Wargors concern themselves with is battle. Day and night they brood and plot the myriad ways they will enact their race's hatred of Man, the violence they will wreak upon his flesh and the defilement they will heap upon his temples.

The greatest of Wargors may rise still further, dominating not only their own warherds, but those of other Chieftains too. Such an individual is known as a Beastlord, and will be possessed of a singular, apocalyptic vision, consumed by utter hatred for Man and all his works. He will be counselled by the greatest of Bray-Shamans, who see in him the will of the Dark Gods embodied. It is these Beastlords that gather the tribes and make constant war upon Mankind.

Upon the field of battle the Beastlords lead the warherd from the front, usually accompanied by a retinue of Bestigors. Experts in single combat, they seek out the leaders of the enemy armies, taking brutal satisfaction in smashing the warriors of lesser races into the dirt and taking their heads as grisly trophies. By slaying the leaders of the foe the Beastlords not only prove their supremacy over the civilised races but also gain the notice of the Dark Gods themselves.

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon. May have Additional Hand Weapon or Great Weapon. May have Heavy Armour, Light Armour, Shield, May have Magic Items. May have Mark of Chaos. May ride Tuskgor Chariot. [2]




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