Feng Shi Bo

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Feng Shi Bo

The Feng Shi Bo, also known as the Onyx Crowmen are Elementals conjured from the Winds of Yin. [1a]

They are created by the Shadoweavers of the Moon Empress and serve as assassins and spies of the Celestial Court. Feng Shi Bo have no compassion or fear, and like Daemons are not born and can never die. The Onyx Crowmen answer only to the Empress and in her absence, the Jade Dragon, Yuan Bo. [1a]

they are unable to lie. [1b]


They are half the height of human of Cathay but with backward-jointed legs and upper bodies covered in black feathers. Feng Shi Bo have long hard beaks with flat black eyes. [1a]


Their speech sounds like croaking and only the Empress and the Jade Dragon can understand them. [1c]


The Crowmen do not percieve the world like mortals but rather see in the four shades of the elemental winds of Yin and re especially attuned to lies and secrets. [1a]


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