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Naaima is a former Cathayan courtesan, a vampire and the first and most loyal of Queen Neferata's Lahmian sisterhood.

She served Neferata as her devoted handmaiden and lover for the rest of long existence until the conclusion of the End Times.


Pale, slim and delicate looking with raven-black hair, in ancient Lahmia she favoured silk robes from her homeland, her eyes darkened with kohl and her hair swept back behind her head with a jade comb and gold pins. [1a]


As a Vampire of the first generation her powers were extremely formidable including inhuman strength, speed and resilience and like her mistress she was highly skilled at shape shifting - often taking the form of a black cat or a panther to amuse herself or her queen. Neferata noted that her handmaiden lacked a stomach for slaughter, preferring to sup in moderation, taking gentle nourishment from suitable docile partners or pets.[2] On occasion she would leave the Queens side (or be briefly banished) and wander the world at large.


Originally known simply as the White Orchid, Naaima was a Cathayan courtesan, extensively and expensively trained to be a beautiful ornament and companion for princes and emperors. On a whim she was demanded as a parting gift by Queen Neferata from the visiting Prince Xian Ha Feng of Cathay in the 76th year of Phakth the Just (-1597 IC). She was given her new name by the Queen and turned into a vampire using the Elixir of Life.[1a]

At first Neferata took comfort in her embrace as she slept but eventually found the deathly stillness of her slumbering body too cold. Naaima therfore moved to luxurious bedchamber across the corridor from her mistress, rising when the queen arose to brush and adorn her hair, apply her golden mask and talk to her. [1a]

She disappeared from the temple for a few decades but returned in -1295 IC with the news that prince Alcadizzar's father had died and pressing him to leave Lahmia and rule Khemri. This enraged Neferata and after ordering the young prince away she confronted Naaima who protested that she was only trying to protect Neferata. Still furious, Neferata ordered her from her sight, before she ripped her heart out. [6a]

When the armies of the other cities of Nehekhara gathered under Alcadizzar and besieged Lahmia in -1200 IC, she returned and begged Neferata to join her and flee with her, but she refused, instead donning her armour to fight for the city. [ba]

Accompanying Neferata for much of her unlife she was with her when she fled to Araby and subsequently when she fought over and later ruled the city of Bel Aliad in that land. She stayed with her when that city fell to Arkhan the Black and they found brief safety in the corsair city of Lashiek before moving on to Sartosa before they had to leave to escape Khalida.

Naaima was pivotal in the fall of Silver Pinnacle as the pair managed to first infiltrate and then open the gates of the dwarf hold to the invading undead army of Ushoran.[2][4][5]

End Times

Her final fate in the World-that-Was is not described but she was active in the plots and plans of the Queen throughout that period being present at such actions as the Battle of Skull Chasm.[3]

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Always I have loved you. And I will do so until the end. Remember that, when all the others have betrayed you.

~ Naaima to Neferata.[6a]


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