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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Cathay faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Li Dao Cathay Dragon Dragon Master of the Burning Winds, the Fire Dragon of Grand Cathay
Miao Ying Cathay Dragon Dragon The Storm Dragon, Supreme Matriarch of Nan-Gau, Master of the Storm Winds and Daughter of the Dragon Emperor.
Quay-Yin Cathay Dragon Dragon She dwells in the Celestial City above Wei-Jin, contemplating the destiny of the empire of Cathay with her husband.
Shen-Zoo Cathay Dragon Dragon Bringer of Light and Hope.
Shiyama Cathay Dragon Dragon The Spirit Dragon.
Xen Yang Cathay Dragon Dragon He dwells in the Celestial City above Wei-Jin, contemplating the destiny of the empire of Cathay with his wife.
Yin-Yin Cathay Dragon Dragon Mistress of the Jade Sea, the Sea Dragon of Grand Cathay .
Yuan Bo Cathay Dragon Dragon Lord of the Central Provinces and Administrator of the Realm.
Zhao Ming Cathay Dragon Dragon The Iron Dragon, ruler of the Western Provinces and Lord of Shang-Yang.
Dien Ch'ing Cathay Cultist Human A powerful servant of Tsien-Tsin and Master of the Mystic Martial Arts.
Master Po Cathay Martial Arts Master Human Little is known about Master Po but Genevieve Dieudonné met him in Cathay and they would remain together for three decades, during which he told her Cathayan tales and taught her Cathayan martial arts.
Prince Xian Ha Feng Cathay Prince Human A scion of the Imperial Court of Cathay who was sent as an ambassador to Lahmia in the Time of Legends.
Wu Cathay Dragon Emperor Human The ruler of Cathay in the 17th/18th century IC.
Yabo Chao Cathay Ambassador Human Lady of Commandery and Weijin's venerable Ambassador to the Empire
Yin-Tuan Cathay Captain Human The captain of a war junk who reached Lustria after being blown off course by a Typhoon.

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