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Jordell 'The Cyclone' Freshbreeze is a Wood Elf Star Player in Blood Bowl. [1a]


He bagan playing Blood Bowl in the same season as Hubris Rakarth and the two have hated each other every since they both vied for the title of Elf Player of the Year that same season. [1a]

In 2499 IC the Shipping Magnate Frostspite Kane spent a large part of his fortune to create the Talon Tearaways, hiring both Jordell and Hubris. The inclusion of the two Star Players gave the team a superb start and they won their first half dozen teams with both elves not letting their mutual hatred effect their on-pitch performance. However, off the pitch, they refused to be within sight of the other, never mind train with them and made increasingly outrageous demands. Soon even their game began to suffer with the team losing the next twelve matches. [1a]

The entire coaching staff and rest of the team told Kane that he either got rid of them or they would all leave. Although Frostspite at first preferred to lose them rather than his two stars, after three more losses however he relented and fired both Jordell and Hubris, rehiring the old team. Both Jordell and Hubris then went freelance, but have never played on teh same team again. [1a]

He has seven times been Elf Player of the Year, twice voted Spike! Magazine Player of the Year and been part of Championship winning teams eight times.[1a]


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There isn't a word in Elfish for 'modesty', we've never needed it, when you know that you're the best at what you do.

~ ordell Freshbreeze.[2a]


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