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Suli is a Arabyan merchant and trader. [1a]


The family of Suli orignally came from Bel Allad but one summer, when he was still a child, the city was ravaged by sandstorms for months destroying their fields and creating huge dunes. The surviving population were then attacked by a swarm of huge insects and driven from the city. [1a]

He has travelled many time into Nehekhara, his first time as a camel driver for his uncle who had been hired by a antiquities collector to travel to ancient Khemri. Although their employer ventured within, Suli was forbidden to do so by his uncle, yet on the last night he sneaked away from camp and into the ruins. [1a]

After exploring he fell asleep and awoke to find an undead woman in fine clothing standing over him with the head of their employer in one hand, terrifed he fled. When he told his tale to his uncle - they left the area immediately. Despite this, he still returns and guides others through the Great Desert. [1a]

Suli is one of the few that is allowed passage through the city gates of Numas and is even welcomed to there where the Prince of that city rules over both the lving and the dead. [1a]

However he will not travel near the tower of Arkhan the Black. [1a]


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