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Anmar bin Muntasir was a Arabyian vampire from the city of Bel Aliad and one of the Lahmian Sisterhood. [1a]

Neferata often refered to her as her little leopard. [1b]


She had long glossy hair. [1a]


She had a older brother, 10 years senior to her, Khaled al Muntasir. [1a] Both were prone to impetuousness and impatience, although Anmar was more self aware of this. [1b]


Like her brother, she was born in the harem to one of the Caliph's concubines. [1c]

Anmar was only sixteen [1a] when her brother took the impaled and paralysed body of Neferata as a prize, but over the next few months the vampire began to whisper to her in her mind when she secretly entered Khaled's chambers to look at the ornate sarcophagus. Neferata managed to make Khaled finally remove the impaling lance tip and now free, she turned both Anmar and her brother into vampires. [1c]

With the destruction of the city in -1149 IC by Arkhan the Black, [1e] the siblings fled with their mistress to Lashiek, but unlike her brother who was mentally shattered by the destruction of his home, Anmar embraced her freedom and role as a schemer and warrior, unlike the confined existance she had grown up in. [1g]

In -1020 IC the siblings accompanied Neferata on a slaving expedition to gather captives for their queens new ally, [1n] the Dark Elf Corsair Captain Megara. Over the next hundred years they would accompany her on many similar raids and meetings with the Corsair. [1h]

In -800 IC, Anmar and her brother were one of the five vampires who with Neferata rescued the Dwarf Thane Razek Silverfoot from Beastmen in the Worlds Edge Mountains [1a] With her queen and maker, Anmar fought in the defense of Mourkain in -600 IC against a Orc horde, as did her brother. [1d]

In -350 IC, Ushoran ordered a curfew after an assassination attempt, during which a group of W'Soran's creations killed four of Neferatas handmaidens and although Khaled and other guards intervened, they also took the survivor, Anmar prisoner. Neferata arrived and enraged went straight to the throne room, where Ushoran where the vampire king was deciding her fate and took her back. [1e]

After Neferata and Naaima managed to open the main door of Karaz Bryn, Khaled and Anmar were part of the initial froce that rushed in and Khaled fought a brief duel with King Borri Silverfoot before the Dwarfs were forced to retreat from the entrance hall. [1g]

In -326 IC, after a year of the seige Khaled was ordered by Neferata to capture any dwarf women and children seeking refuge in the temples. However instead he slaughtered them as Ushoran had ordered, much to her outrage as she knew the rest of the Dwarfs would now never surrender. Neferata killed his companion Zandor, but was then attacked by Khaled who gained the upper hand. As he stuggled he felt a sword blow and struck back, hitting the assailiant in the heart with a dwarf axe inlaid with silver - only to find it was his sister defending her mistress. She died almost instantly and Neferata then impaled him atop the decomposing body of his beloved sister. [1i]


As a vampire her powers were formidable including inhuman strength, speed and resilience.[1]


It smells like the greatest feast our father ever laid out, Khaled.

~ Anmar.[1a]


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