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Ophiria was a Daughter of the Sands. [1a]


She had a long face with a sharp nose [1a] and henna tattoos that climbed up her slender neck and along her jawline. [1b]


Ophiria was born around -1279 IC, [1a]

She briefly saw Ubaid in -1265 IC but did not speak to him. [1a]

Suleima died in -1240 IC with her last wish being that the tribes gather at the north-west edge ofthe plains in wild, forested country never tamed by man. There Ophiria met with Ubaid once more, before she became the bride of the god, demanding that he reveal his true name to her - when he told her he was the prince of Rasetra, she told him he was wrong - that he was - or would be a king. She told him she knew that he needed the strength of the tribes to defeat Lahmia and the Cult of Blood. [1b]

She also asked that, when he became the king of Khemri he would remake the sacred oath first made with Settra, granting them forgiveness for Shahid surrendering to Arkhan the Black during the War against Nagash. Alcadizzar made a blood oath with her to do so and she told him to wait for a sign - a pennon of fire that filled the night sky which would lead to Lahmia being delivered into his hanfds. [1b]

In -1200 IC she united the tribes under Prince Fasir al-Hashim who joined the armies of the great cities of Nehekhara marching on Lahmia. [1c] Following the sack of Lahmia she met with Alcadizzar to discuss his possible mariage to her niece Khalida but aso to warn that he must, over the forthcoming decades prepare Nehekhara to face Nagash. [1d]


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