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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Araby faction.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Khar-mel Araby Djinn Djinn Often found in the western desert of Araby, she normally takes the form of a beautiful Arabyian woman in her thirties but can also transform into a sandstorm, a shimmering haze, a pillar of fire or a cloud of dust.
Saalakil Araby Djinn Djinn The Djinn of Bel-Aliad.
Abdul Alhazred Araby Prince Human Arabyan Wizard who became known as The Mad Sorcerer.
Abdul ben Raschid Araby Sorcerer Human Arabyan Prince and author who explored Nehekhara, recording all his discoveries and which he would compile as what was called by others, the Book of the Dead.
Fasir al-Hashim Araby Chieftain Human Arabyan chieftain of the Bani-al-Hashim.
Golden Magus Araby Wizard Human The Sultan of the Seas is a powerful and enigmatic Arabyan Wizard.
Har-Ak-Iman Araby Necromancer Human His book of necromancy radiated such a aura of evil that it became known as the Cursed Book.
Ibn Jellaba Araby Explorer Human An Arabyan merchant and scholar who was the first to penetrate the jungles of the Southlands and live to tell the tale. He discovered the Lizardman temple-city of Zlatlan in around 1150 IC.
Ibn Naggazar Araby Wizard Human A manic but brilliant sorcerer of Araby.
Jaffar Araby Sultan Human A sorcerer who in 1435 IC united Araby and ruled it as Sultan for fifteen years.
Khalida (Khemri) Araby Queen of Khemri Human A woman of the desert tribes who married King Alcadizzar.
Mahik al'Rak Araby Sorcerer Human He used enchanted mirrors to create the Portal of Twilight.
Muhannad Ru'af Araby Corsair Captain Human Arabyian Corsair and captain of the Badarra.
Nawat ben Hazar Araby Bandit Human Arabyian bandit in the Time of Legends.
Ophiria Araby Daughter of the Sands Human Daughter of the Sands in the Time of Legends.
Shihab Ibn Alim Araby Sultan Human A powerful Arabyan Sorcerer hired by the Sultan of Copher to investigate who was sinking so many of his vessels.
Suli Araby Merchant Human merchant and trader who travels into Nehekhara.
Suliman le Saracen Araby Warrior Human A fearsome warrior, Suliman fought against the Bretonnian's during their crusades against his homeland, later joining them as a friend and hero.

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