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Lashiek is a city of Araby also known as the City of Corsairs [1a] or the Corsair City. [2a]

The High Elves maintain a mercantile presence in the city. [1a]

The inhabitants are happy to exchange the fishing and trading for piracy which has given the city its name. [1a]


In -1147 IC, Neferata arrived in the city, on her way to Sartosa and made an ally of the Dowager Concubine, the ruler of the city in all but name. The Dowager gave her a northern slave, Ilsa, who spoke the laguage used in her destination. [2a] She also commissioned W'soran to animate her first born son as a undead puppet and then had Neferata drive him out of the city. [4a]

Ships from Cathay appeared in the southern oceans in around 1150 IC, sparking a fierce rivalry with the cities merchants with the elves of Ulthuan also trying to keep the sea trade for themselves. The sultan therefore dispatched an expedition to try and seek a direct land route to the far off spice lands but they were unable to do so, being forstalled by the Al Saurim of Zlatlan. [3a]


  • Royal Harem Guard: Elite warriors with distinctive armour. [4a]


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