Rasha bin Wasim

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Rasha bin Wasim is a Arabyian vampire and a member of Queen Neferata's Lahmian sisterhood[1]


Rasha was the daughter of a chieftain, born into a clan of the Great Desert and as an accomplished archer took part on raids on caravans crossing the expanse.

In -1158 IC (Imperial Calendar), they attacked and burned a caravan that contained Neferata and Naaima who had been forced to leave Cathay - the two vampires pursued and slew many of the raiders as they took vengeance and sought to recover their treasures. Rather than kill the girl, Neferata turned her into a vampire, struck by the resemblance to Khalida. [1c]

She had not been well treated as girl and on return to her tribe she slaughtered her brothers and tore out her father’s throat, assisting in the assimilation of other tribes of the desert in submitting to Neferata. [1d] She became a trusted handmaiden to the queen as she crossed the world from that time onwards, being present at the conflicts at Bel Aliad, Sartosa and was one of the five vampires that accompanied their queen into the Worlds Edge mountains [1a] and hence to Mourkain.[1e]

During her time there, Neferata often used her and Lupa Stregga to provoke the orc tribes by assassinating their leaders.[1f] She also clashed more than once with W'soran's followers and spies in the shadows of the city, once she had torn open his apprentice in her cat form Melkhior - who when he recovered, W'soran was disturbed to discover he considered it a form of flirting! [2a]


As an ancient vampire her powers are extremely formidable including inhuman strength, speed and resilience and like her mistress she can shape-shift, in her case to that of a desert-leopard, although unlike Naaima or Neferata it had taken a hundred years of painful practice to achieve this without error or agony.[1a]


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