Sea of Claws (book)

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Sea of Claws
Sea of Claws cover.jpg
Author(s) Dave Allen, Eoin Burke, Robin Low, Pádraig Murphy, Mac Dara Mac Donnacha, Alfred Nuñez,

Clive Oldfield, Sam Poots, Simon Wileman

Editor(s) Brian Johnson
Cover Artist Victor Leza
Illustrator(s) Even Amundsen, John Blanche, Alessandro Boer, Anthony Boursier, Ralph Horsley, Jérôme Huguenin,

David Gallagher, Yugin Maffioli, Sam Manley, JG O’Donoghue, Fabio Porfida, Scott Purdy, Erin H Rea

Released 2022
Pages 158

Sea of Claws is a comprehensive sourcebook for the Sea of Claws and the ships, ports and peoples that trade across it for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition).


  • Sea of Claws: An Introduction to the Sea of Claws and its History, pg. 6
  • Bretonnia and the Wasteland: Danger and Opportunity from The Dragon’s Maw to Reavers Point, pg. 8
  • The Nordland Coast: Once a Neglected Backwater, Now the Empire’s Brave New Endeavour, pg. 19
  • The Ostland Coast: A Rugged and Wild Coast whose Rocky Cliffs Harbour Wreckers, pg. 30
  • Troll Country: A Blasted Wasteland, Infested with Monsters, pg. 25
  • Kraka Ravnsvake: Proudest Remaining Norse Dwarf Hold and Home of their Great Navy, pg. 39
  • The Skaeling Coast: Settlements of the Skaeling Norse Skilled Sailors and Feared Raiders, pg. 49
  • The Bjornling Coast: Traders and Raiders with Forebears Among the World’s Greatest Explorers, pg. 49
  • The Seafarer Class: A Set of Careers closely associated with the Sea and Seafaring, pg. 64
  • The Cult of Manann: The history and practice of beseeching the Fickle Deity of the Sea, pg. 86
  • The Cult of Stromfels: The Proscribed and Bloody Worship of the God of Predators, pg. 90
  • Boats and Boatbuilding: The Basics of Putting a Boat Together and Outfitting a Vessel, pg. 96
  • Seafaring: Handling a Boat upon the Seas and Navigating Ocean Hazards, pg. 103
  • Sailing Larger Vessels: Managing the Performance and Morale of Large Crews and Bigger Boats, pg. 121
  • Extended Voyages: Extended Sojourns upon the Sea and Trade Between Different Nations, pg. 130
  • Bestiary: Sea Monsters Great and Small, and Several Grand Captains, pg. 140


Sea of Claws is intended to give players and GMs of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the tools they need to take their games onto the world’s oceans. The Sea of Claws, the stretch of water that separates the lands of Bretonnia and the Empire from those of Norsca, is detailed as an example ocean to which these rules can be applied.

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