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The Skaelings are a Khorne Worshipping tribe of Norsca. [1a]


Skaelings dress in bear fur cloaks and reindeer hide clothing adorned with charms and colourful embroidery. They cut their red dyed hair cut in strange shapes, held up with animal fat whilst their bodies are tattooed all over with strange runes and other designs. Both armour and shields are painted red (often with blood) in honour of the Blood God. Their colours are red and blue: red for blood and Khorne and blue for the sea. [1a]

Most Skaeling women are festooned with trinkets and trophies. [1a]


Skaeling legends claim that they are the descendants of a vast Ice Drake, Skael that roamed Troll Country, often tatooing or branding themselves with swirling dragon shapes. [3c] [4a]

After Emperor Hasso created a powerful navy, the chieftains of the Bjornling, Sarl and Skaeling pledge to stop raiding the Empire at the Althing of Traktarsey in 765 IC. [3a]

Svengar of the Skaelings is defeated atop the Lighthouse of L'Anguille by Marcus of Bordeleaux in 994 IC and the Norse retreat. [3a]

The norse resume raiding the Empire in 1109 IC and the chief of the Skaelings, Snorri Half-hand occupies Marienburg. Two years later however, the Black Plague forces them to abandon the city. [3a]


Many marauders speak nothing but their own tongue, however, some marauders speak a smattering of Reiklander or Wastelander, which is a widespread trade language across the Sea of Claws. [1a]


The Skaeling Coast, a rugged area of rocky islands, twisting fjords and mighty cliffs - the sea filled with fish, sharks and whales as well as monsters in the depths. The land has fir forests in the sheltered valleys and has a diverse fauna from squirrels to wolves and bears but also Basilisks, Rock Lizards, Wyverns and even Dragon - although the latter mostly slumber. [3b]



They consider the Sarl their main rivals and look down on the Bjornlings as mere traders. They are however less bloodthirsty and manic than the Aesling, Kurgan and Varg tribes. [3c]


Ardent worshippers of the Blood God, who they name Kharnath, they acknowledge all gods.

Mutations, if beneifical are considered gifts of the gods whilst those making the recipent weaker are obviously curses. Neutral mutations mean the person is thought to be merely god-touched, perhaps with a destiny to become a seer or vitki. [3c] The weak are discarded in a cave riddled hollow were some survive - in times of war these creatures, known as the Unclean are dragged from their lairs and unleased when they are near enough to the enemy to scent them. [4a]

Sacrifice - human and animal is practiced but they consider the best sacrifice occurs during battle - those who are ritually sacrificed are crimnals and those considered mere animals. Torture does not normally form part of the sacrifce.[3c]

Ritual scarification is popular amonst the Skaeling and they respect any who undertakes this, whatever their god. [3c]

Tribe symbol

Their symbol is the symbol of Khorne, often depicted with a skull at its centre, [1a] often displayed bodies, ships and weapons. [3c]


The various tribes of the Skaeling follow the same customs, culture and rules but are more than happy to fight each other as outsiders for the glory of Khorne. [3c]

  • Snaegr: A fanatical Skaeling tribe whose jarl, Urlf was elevated to Daemonhood, they iritate many other tribes as they fight merely for the sake of blood alone and will not come to terms. [3c]

Weapons and Equipment

Most carry round shields and they tend to prefer axes and spears. [1a]



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