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A Merwyrm miniature.

Merwyrms are beasts of Destruction able to walk on land and swim in the sea that predates on the leviathans of the deep oceans. They host a malice that comes from an endless struggle for survival on the ocean floor and lash out this hatred against any that dares to face them in battle. They are notorious for using their hideous jaws to latch onto their prey and tear away great chunks of flesh, a skill which proves invaluable against their usual prey. Their unnatural metabolism allows them to heal wounds after devouring victims whole. The air around these sea-dwelling creatures is filled with an unholy stench of rotting flesh and brackish filth, a putrid smell that upturns stomachs and stings eyes, weakening and blinding anyone that gets too close to it. They also attack with their powerful tails and chilling breath.[1]