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A Norse Dwarf

Norse Dwarfs have much in common with their human neighbours and often join them in battle. [1a]

They especially enjoy drinking, fighting, brawling and drinking, [3a] and so much so that even other Dwarfs have been known to say that they are a mite too unruly with the ale at times. [4b]

The Norse Dwarf kings do not owe fealty to the Dwarf High King, much to his annoyance. [4b]


There are four holds held by the Norse Dwarfs: Kraka Drak, Kraka Dorden, Kraka Ornsmotek and Kraka Ravnsvake. All but Ornsmotek lie in the Grontklug (Gianthome) Mountains. [4b]


Dwarfs establish holds in the north including Kraka Ravnsvake in -4540 IC with Grimnir and Morgrim visitng the latter hold in -4421 IC. [4a]

The northern holds are isolated as war rages against the forces of Chaos and in -4000 IC they begin a millennia-long project to Expel Chaos using rune inscribed Master Runes. [4a]

Around -1000 IC, the Norse Dwarfs begin trading with some nearby human tribes and skirmishes with Hell Pit break out. in the next seventy years, Kraka Ravnsvake capture several Norse Longships and learn shipbuilding techniques building their vessels for trade and warfare. [4a]

A Kraka Ravnsvake trading ship visits Erengrad in 1607 IC. [4a]

After visting Karak Vlag in 1696 IC, engineers from Kraka Ravnsvake bring back blackpowder technology. [4a]

During the Great War against the Chaos, a fleet from Kraka Ravnsvake defeats a Norse fleet at the Battle of Skapa Fjord. Kraka Drak is attacked by a horde led by Valmir Aesling beginning the War in the Mountains in 2302 IC. King Silverbeard orders the collapse of the mountain to protect the other holds, as battle rages on in the ruins, many dwarfs flee to the other holds. [4a]

In 2390 IC, Kraka Drak falls, [4a] but later refugees from the hold return to clear the halls and repopulate it. [4b]


Originally based on captured Norse longships and designed for use on the rivers, later seagoing versions had bolt throwers to sink enemy craft at a good distance. After exchanging idea with engineers from Karak Vlag, they also adopted gunpowder weapons. [4b]

Unlike their southern cousins, the Norse Dwarfs favour the Grubark class of vessel. [4b]

When the Great War against Chaos began, the holds could field around 250 warships and the fleet has increased since then, mainly based at Ravnsvake and Sjoktraken. [4b]

Runestone Shield

The Norse Dwarfs created many powerful runestones that ward against corruption in their lands and push the winds of magic towards the Great Vortex. [4b]


Trading routes have been established over the millennia with L'Anguille, Marienburg and smaller ports of the northern Empire as well as with their southern cousins of the Karak Ankor. [4b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: Double Handed Axe or Warhammer. May have Chainmail, Shield. May have Musician, Standard Bearer. [2a]
  • 3rd Edition: Mercenary Norse Dwarf: Hand Weapon, Light Armour, may have Champion, Doubled Handed Weapon, Shield, Spear. [1a]
  • 3rd Edition: Hand Weapon, Light Armour. May have Double Handed Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Spear. May have Leader, Musician, Standard Bearer. May have Magic Instrument, Magic Standard. [3a]




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