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Kraka Ravnsvake, Raven's Roost Hold, is a Norse Dwarf hold that lies to the South-west of Kraka Drak. [1a][2b] It is one of the four great holds of the Norse Dwarfs, the others being Kraka Dorden, Kraka Drak and Kraka Ornsmotek [1a]

Its mines have extensive access to huge deposits of Okrinaduraz, a hard and well-regarded blue-grey stone often used for creating ancestor statues and works of art. The stronghold can also access underground sources of copper, iron and silver. [1a] [2b]

The home base of the Norse Dwarf fleet, it is located above the drainage basins of the Draksfjord and the Dypvann river. These are connected by underground canals called the Ungruvalk. [2b]

Kraka Ravnsvake had a population of about 5000 adult dwarves in 2510 IC. [1b]



  • Varrundi: Seafaring clan, first of those who took to the sea. [2b]
  • Wyrkarak: Brewing Clan, owners of the Berserker Rest Inn. [2b]
  • Ziflinskaud. [1a][2b]


The people of Kraka Ravnsvake are renowned for their wild drinking binges, and there are many festivals that allow them to indulge such as the First Quaff, Second Breach and Keg End. Even other Dwarfs consider them a mite too unruly with the ale at times. [2b]


Kraka Ravnsvake is ruled by King Haarkon Vikramsson and Queen Inga Ottarsdottir, who are advised by a council of elders that includes the Fleemaster, King's Treasurer and War Minister. The council has solidified over an aggressive policy in response to the constant threats posed by the Aesling, Sarl, Skaelings, and Clan Moulder. [2b]


The hold is founded in -4540 IC. [2a]

Grimnir and Morgrim visit the hold on their journeys in -4421 IC. [2a]

A 1000 year project to forge Master Runes to Expel Chaos on megaliths around the Norse Dwarf holds begins around -4000 IC. [5a]

Around -1000 IC, war breaks out with Hell Pit and some trade is established with less violent Norse tribes. [2a]

Following the capture of Norse longships in 1066 IC, engineers in the hold learn new shipbuilding techniques. [2a]

Trading expeditions begin to the south with a merchant ship from the hold visting in Erengrad in 1607 IC. Other ships venture to other foreign ports. [2a]

Engineers from the hold visit Karak Vlag in 1696 IC, learning about blackpowder technology. [2a]

In 2292 IC, the Ungruvalk is completed. [2a]

A fleet from the hold defeats a Norse fleet at the Battle of Skapa Fjord as the Great War against Chaos begins in 2302 IC. Valmir Aesling begins the War in the Mountains shortly after. Under siege, King Silverbeard of Krak Drak orders that the mountain be collapsed on the invaders to protect the other holds and many Dwarf refugees begin to arrive in the other Krakas. [2a]

As the War of the Mountains continues, the hold assumes control of the fleet at Sjoktraken. [2a]

King Haarkon Vikramsson and Queen Inga Ottarsdottir take the throne in 2442 IC. [2b]


  • Ravnshafnaz: Raven's Harbour is located in the Underdeep, lit by quartz gems inscribed with the Rune of Light. This is where outsiders arrive at the hold. [2b]
    • Berserker Rest Inn: A two-story building and popular place for visiting Norse to tell stories. [2b]
    • Hardrak Shipyard: Oldest shipyard and now where experimental ships and weapons are designed and tested. Shipmaster Berita Frodensdottir of the Dwarf Engineers Guild runs it with her two sons. [2b]
  • Ungruvalk: Underground canals each with rune protected entrances. The east leads to Varn Wyraz and then to Sjoktraken. The western gate leads to the Upper Dypvann, guarded by Khazid Vulkhrund and then to the Sea of Claws. It allows the fleet to move to defend and trade with allied holds and nations but also attack the Aeslings. [2b]


The hold created the first Norse Dwarf vessels for both trade and warfare, orignally using longships inspired by those the Norse created travelling on the rivers. following contact with Karak Vlag, they were able to upgrade their ships with gunpowder weapons. [2b]

Unlike their southern cousins, the Norse Dwarfs favour the archaic Grubark class of vessel. [2b]

By the early 2500s IC, the hold could field a large fleet of 190 warships with a further 75 in the Sjoktraken fleet inherited from Kraka Drak when that hold fell. [2b]

Captains of the fleet have three standing orders to: [2b]

  • Protect Norse Dwarf Merchant vessels. [2b]
  • Gather information on enemy ships or warbands. [2b]
  • Conduct raids on the enemies of their people. [2b]


The hold is in a protracted but low intensity war with many Norse tribes but they do trade with the Bjornlings. [2b]


Subsidary Settlements

  • Grung Stekbrud: A mining outpost with about 41 adult dwarves resident. [1b]
  • Khazid Bordkarag: A small settlement housing about 95 adult dwarves. [1b]
  • Khazid Vulkhrund: Riverport that guards the western gate of the Ungruvalk, located in the forest to the west of the hold. [2b]


Over the millennia, the Norse Dwarfs of the hold have established trading links with various human ports including L'Anguille, Marienburg, Norden and smaller ports of the Empire. An overland trade route was established with Karak Vlag until its fall. The Dwarfs of the hold also trade with the Asur of Ulthuan. [2b]

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