Warhammer: Thanquol

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Warhammer: Thanquol
Warhammer Thanquol Book 1 cover 001.jpg
Released 2014
Pages Book 1: 233, Book 2: 64
Preceded by Warhammer: Khaine
Followed by Warhammer: Archaon

Warhammer: Thanquol is the fourth of five campaign packs that chart the end of the Warhammer World - the Warhammer: The End Times. [1]

The campaign pack is divided into two books:[1]

Book 1

The first book is a narrative of the world changing events:[1]

  • The Rise of the Under-Empire
  • Chapter One: Assault on Lustria, Autumn 2523 - Winter 2524
  • Chapter Two: Blood Beneath the Mountains, Autumn 2523 - Winter 2523
  • Chapter Three: Gotterdammerung, Spring 2524 - Winter 2525
  • Chapter Four: The Bell Tolls for Nuln, Winter 2524 - Spring 2525
  • Chapter Five: The Great Lustrian War, Spring 2525 - Autumn 2526
  • Chapter Six: The Battle for Middenheim: Summer 2527 - Autumn 2527
  • Chapter Seven: Peak Tide: Winter 2525 - Autumn 2527

Book 2

The Rules: This book contains updated rules for Skaven[1] It also includes narrative scenarios and battles with many special rules whilst the Appendix contains the historical characters, units and formations that took part in them.[1]



The sourcebook partially retcons previous Storm of Chaos source material.

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