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The dukedom of Brionne is situated on the south-western coast of Bretonnia. It is bordered by its fellow provinces of Aquitaine, Quenelles and Carcassonne and by the foreign realm of Estalia. Its current Duke is the burly and ferocious Theodoric.

The political centre of the province is the port and town of Brionne which was built upon the ruins of a High Elf settlement. The Duc of Brionne is tasked with the protection of the coastline and of the Estalian border. Therefore, besides fielding an adequate host of knights he also maintains a fleet of warships.

Notable People

  • Duke Theodoric, last Duke of Brionne and a fearsome warrior.
  • Duke Corentin, a former Duke who was famed throughout Bretonnia.
The dukedoms of Bretonnia
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