Kraka Dorden

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Kraka Dorden, the Thunder Hold, is the second largest of the Norse Dwarf holds that lies to the North-west of Kraka Drak. [1a]

One of the four great holds of the Norse Dwarves, the others being: Kraka Drak, Kraka Ornsmotek and Kraka Ravnsvake. [1a]

The hold is well regarded for it metalwork and furs as well the quality of its deposits of iron, quartz and tin. Historically explorers and adventurers from Kraka Dorden joined their human counterparts in setting sail across the world. [1a]

Kraka Dorden had a population of about 8000 adult dwarves in IC 2510. [1b]


Subsidiary Settlements

  • Grung Dobekzhulf: A large mining outpost with about 112 adult dwarves resident. [1b]
  • Grung Trakekarag: A mining outpost with about 54 adult dwarves resident. [1b]
  • Khazid Fneldurk: A small mining and hunting settlement housing about 88 adult dwarves. [1b]

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