Kraka Ornsmotek

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Kraka Ornsmotek, the Eagle's Peak Hold, is the most northern of the Norse Dwarf holds. [1a]

One of the four great holds of the Norse Dwarves, the others being: Kraka Dorden, Kraka Drak and Kraka Ravnsvake. [1a]

The hold is heavily fortifed, not only against the forces of Chaos but also because it is within the aptly named Giantshome Mountains - famed for the populations of both Giants and Trolls which has also led to the hold having more beserkers and Slayers than the rest of the Norse Dwarf holds put together. It also has the only substantial gold mine as well as deposits of diamonds and obsidian which they mine and trade.[1a]

Kraka Ornsmotek had a population of about 5000 adult dwarves in IC 2510. [1b]


Subsidary Settlements

  • Grung Diratduraz: A mining outpost with about 62 adult dwarves resident. [1b]
  • Kazad Dumund: A fort with about 150 adult dwarves, mostly warriors. [1b]
  • Kazad Grontunt: A fort with about 250 adult dwarves, mostly warriors. [1b]
  • Khazid Skovekarag: A small mining and hunting settlement housing about 74 adult dwarves. [1b]
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