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Sheerglas is the Master Gunner of the Rumour, a Pirate vessel of the Reivers. [1a]

He does not come up onto the main deck, but keeps to the shadowy, red-washed gun deck of his ship. [1a] His gun teams are very efficent but thin and palid. [1b]


He is a cadaverous man with his teeth filed in the manner of the Southlands and long bony hands. [1a] His voice is very dry and he smells like old earth. [1b]


When the company stopped at the Estalian colony of Porto Real, Sheerglas realised that the Governor Emeric Gorge and his men were vampires and without passing trade were now having to feed on the townsfolk. [1c] He came ashore and when they began to feed on the crew, he attacked, killing several Vampire Thralls before destroying the Governor himself.

As they walked back to the ship Sesto Sciortini noted that Sheerglas had no reflection. [1d]


Come aft with me, to my quarters. We’ll take a reviving drink, you and I.

~ Sheerglas to Sesto Sciortini.[1a]