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The Demiurge was a large Pirate Barque commanded by Bearded Jon who often sailed with Red Henri. [1b]

She was a three hundred and fifty paces long, with three masts and sixty guns in two banks. [1a] When pretending to to be the Butcher Ship she was painted black with red sails, a green chemical lamp at its bows for effect. [1c]

When in service with the Reivers she was repainted and her sails whitened again. [1d]


Her sign was a hourglass on a black background. [1b]


Sailing in consort with the Kymera, Alastor and the Diadem they sighted a Tilean treasure ship heading across the Bay of Tilea at great speed, and gave chase. They and the others were outdistanced by the Kymera and the fleeing galleon which was moving with unnatural speed. [1c]

Soon after the Butcher Ship began preying on all shipping and Bearded Jon decided to disguise his ship as it and for a time they ruled the Labyrinth and the Littoral. [1c]

Seeking the Butcher Ship, she was attacked by Luka Silvaro in the Rumour who boarded and captured her, aided by the Safire. [1b] Shortly after being refitted at Aguilas she was stolen by Guido Silvaro. [1d]

She was pursued by Luka and the Safire but would have had little chance had he not enlisted the help of Jeremiah Tusk and the Lightning Tree and together they took [1e] and sunk the great ship. [1f]


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