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My account and contributions can be found on both this and 40K lex; however, I feel that the Fantasy is in much greater need of user contributions. Also, I like the Warhammer background better, largely due to the steampunk Skaven (OK, human and Dwarf, too) inventions and to the fact that serving Chaos ACTUALLY pays off (to all who disagree, compare the stats of Empire/Brettonia soldiers to the Warriors of Chaos ones. Then compare the stats of regular Space Marines to their Chaos counterparts and try to spot any obvious advantages of being the latter. Finally, read the background of the original 9 traitor legions(particularly the TS, DG, WE & EC).)

Well, enough of that, time for the to-do list.

Tomb Kings:

  • Add more info on Nehekharan Skeletons. Also, I would suggest moving it to the Skeleton Warrior, because it probably descibes the subject better.

Vampire Counts:

  • Expand many unit pages with background.

Dark Elves:

  • Expand the many unit-related stubs.

Warriors of Chaos

  • Enormous lot of information missing.


  • Needs great clean-up, rearrangement,etc.


Ogre Kingdoms

Orcs & Goblins/Wood Elves/High Elves

  • Missing some unit-related info and magic items pages.


  • A little revision and magic items (technical items?) page wanted.


  • I would suggest creating separate pages for all state/militia troops. Empire magic items (or is it magical/technical items) page needed.


Given that Musicians and Standard Bearers are included in most of the regular units, a page for each one would be an excellent addition. (I Don't think we should do this for Champions though. They have a whole lot of different names and outside of game mechanics, how many things a Black Guard Towermaster has in common with a Gnoblar Fighter Groinbiter?

This list is to be expanded...